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Here's what others are saying about working with Jeff...

"Jeff's work with me has always been directed at helping me achieve my personal goals. He has an excellent sense of what one is able to do, and how to design a total fitness program that improves ones posture, strength, flexibility and stamina. Whether you're just starting out with a personal trainer, or you have extensive experience working out, Jeff can certainly help you get to the next level in your fitness."
- Dr. Richard Ellin, MD, Atlanta, GA

"Thanks for opening my mind to some new ideas for taking care of my body."
- Paul Flexner, Dunwoody, GA

"Jeff provided a lot of good information in a short period of time.  With the wide range of age groups, he provided good ideas for all.  I would recommend the program."
- Doug Friedman, Alpharetta, GA

"Jeff is an amazing, amazing trainer! He is totally engaged with each and every student and offers positive reinforcement and help for improvement. He is always available for in-person questions during class or via phone or e-mail after class. In addition, he knows every muscle and nerve in the body and what may be causing pain when walking and how to correct it. His Chi Walking class is designed for anyone – from people who have not exercised in a long time to those who want to improve their posture, strengthen crucial core muscles (i.e. your “core”), relax tight and overused muscles that may be causing pain, and gain cardio and aerobic conditioning. Prior to Jeff’s Chi Walking class, I thought the only way to stand up straight was to “throw one’s shoulders back.” In the very first class I quickly learned how to align my body and engage my core, and by doing so was standing straighter than I have stood in a very long time. I have never felt better than after his class; I have increased energy for the day. I highly recommend Jeff and his Chi Walking class for everyone."
- Ronelle “Ronnie” Genser, Sandy Springs, GA
“Posture Plus Fitness epitomizes the perfect name for Jeff’s business! For someone like me who has been round-shouldered since I was a young child, for the first time in my life I have found that by working with Jeff, my posture has improved. It’s been amazing and something I never thought would happen, especially at my age. Even my internist is excited and pleased! Having worked with Jeff for about five months now, I and my friends have not only seen improvements in my posture, but I have also experienced improvements in my flexibility. For example, one day when I returned to my car in a shopping center parking lot, the car next to me was parked so close I could not get in on the driver’s side. My only alternative was to get in on the passenger side and gently work my way over the hump between the two seats to the driver’s side. There was very little room since the hump was connected to the dashboard and did not allow any room to squat over into the driver’s seat. In the past this maneuver would have ‘put my back out’ for quite some time. This time I not only experienced no immediate pain, but more importantly I experienced no pain the next day, which I am more prone to experience! Jeff has designed a daily routine for me that not only focuses on stretches and exercises specific to my needs, but he is also sensitive to what I can and can’t do. As my core grows stronger and I become more flexible and can do more, he adds more challenges. He has also designed my program to easily fit into my daily routine. Recently many people have commented on how good I look and, as mentioned above, I’ve only been working with Jeff for a relatively short time. Although not a vegan, I have also incorporated more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into my diet based on what I’ve learned from him. I truly never thought I’d get to this level or would be doing stretches and exercises on a daily basis!”
- Ronelle “Ronnie” Genser, Sandy Springs, GA

"Jeff is a great guy and great personal trainer. He really takes an interest in the details of your life in order to zero in on what will work best for the program he creates for you.  Easy to talk to and he really knows what he's doing. I'd use him again."
- Dan Goldhaber, Duluth, GA
"Jeff is the first personal trainer I have ever used.  He is a great motivator, encouraging and supportive, yet very conscious of my physical limitations and safety issues.  Under his guidance and leadership, I have improved my strength, endurance and mobility, and I actually look forward to the workouts – something I have not felt before.  Jeff is the consummate professional, has good humor, and a sincere interest in my personal improvement.  I am fortunate to have him as my personal trainer and look forward to a great, long-term experience.”
- Thomas Hansen, Dunwoody, GA

"We invited Jeff to speak to the Marietta Civitan Club in September 2011. Jeff gave a very light, entertaining and informative presentation and demonstration of the impact of exercise on posture and the body. Jeff exudes confidence, professionalism and enthusiasm in his presentation. It was a pleasure having him speak to the club."
- Marty Heller, Marietta, GA

"Jeff does an excellent job of teaching. He is easy to understand and his teaching techniques are easy to follow. Every week builds on the next and through his consistent repetition it becomes ingrained and learned. His approach is positive and effective. I would highly recommend Jeff's Chi Walking program."
- John Heslup, Dunwoody, GA

"Jeff recently spoke to my Rotary club in Brookhaven and was terrific. He delivered a very timely and informative message about fitness and nutrition. Our club has a wide range of ages and his topic seemed to resonate well with members and guests who were in attendance. He was very buttoned up and came across as very knowledgeable and insightful.  I strongly recommend Jeff as a speaker as he continues to grow his business."
- Tom Hughes, Atlanta, GA

“Jeff is an extremely professional, experienced, avid and fun personal trainer. I am a Georgia Tech student who's working out with Jeff for more than 4 months. I did not know how to use gym equipment, had no prior experiences in non-cardio exercises. First I just wanted to get used to those new machines at gym, but after the first 10 sessions, I decided to continue to train with Jeff. He is very knowledgeable at every kind, and provides me with a very diverse set of exercises, which makes each one-hour session and the entire multiple sessions very fun. He is also very balanced at toughness - never felt too easy or too overwhelming. After training with him, I feel healthier and stronger than before, which positively affects my study/work life and mentality as well. I also lose several pounds and my body shape has become more toned. Overall, I highly recommend Jeff if you want to work out with professionalism, fun, and visible/satisfying results.”
- Tanyoung Kim, Atlanta, GA

“Jeff is a fitness expert with a complete grasp of what it takes to help someone achieve their fitness goals. Because of my schedule, I do not always have time to visit the gym. So this past summer, I hired Jeff to help me craft a fitness program that would work within my constraints. Jeff sat down with me and we came up with a program that I am still using months later. I highly recommend Jeff.”
- Billy Kramer, Dunwoody, GA

“Thank you for all of your excellent training!  You are an inspiring trainer and very creative.”
- Dr. Jeanette Leader, MD, Dunwoody, GA 

“Jeff and I have been training together for approximately a year and a half. We started training together in January of 2013. Since then, Jeff has coached me through a previous injury and helped me excel with my goals and reach a fitness level that I never thought possible. Due to Jeff’s incredible coaching and constant support, I was able to accomplish a fitness goal that had been on my bucket list for almost 6 years. In May of 2014, I stepped on stage and competed in a bodybuilding competition. I have never felt more confident about the way I looked and I’ve also never felt healthier. From the first day when I mentioned that I wanted to achieve this goal – to the competition day where he supported me as I stepped out of my comfort zone and competed against women half my age, Jeff was with me every step of the way. That night we won 2nd place in my division and 5th overall for the category. I say “we” because I could never have done this without Jeff’s coaching. Throughout the competition prep, I was introduced to several other folks in the fitness industry. Each encounter with these other folks validated the many reasons why I was training with Jeff and also why I would continue with him. I received so much (unsolicited) advice from other folks in the industry about what supplements to use and what seemed to be dangerous training methods – none of which felt comfortable to me. It was important to me to train in the cleanest, healthiest way. Despite what others had recommended, I trusted Jeff’s guidance which was to train without supplements and use the right foods to fuel my body. In addition to the training, Jeff also provided a ton of emotional support as the pressure of competing got closer. Jeff is a constant seeker of knowledge, always educating himself and sharing valuable information with me which is greatly appreciated. I am so incredibly grateful to Jeff. Jeff is by far one of the most trusted and knowledgeable fitness professionals I have ever met. I plan to keep training with Jeff as long he will have me as a client. I can honestly say that training with Jeff is a gift that I cherish very much." 
- Liz McClellan, Dunwoody, GA

“Jeff is an outstanding personal trainer. His good nature and enthusiasm help make our training sessions a lot of fun. He has a thorough knowledge of the equipment available and a wide ranging knowledge of different exercises. He is very supportive and encouraging. I feel I have made a great deal of progress with him and look forward to working with him in the future.”
- Eddie Neal, Atlanta, GA

"It feels good after exercising with Jeff.  He is very thorough and helpful.  He explains very nicely why to exercise and why to continue.  He is always on time and punctual, and it is a very enjoyable and pleasant experience.  He is the best person to learn exercises from."
- Nalin Patel, Mableton, GA

"Jeff makes me realize how important exercise is.  He is very helpful and knowledgeable, and I like it.  It is a very nice, gentle and thorough experience, and he always makes sure that I learn and enjoy."
- Neema Patel, Mableton, GA

“Jeff is a "super star" trainer, an expert in nutrition, fitness, and much more. Curious about so many subjects, he is extremely well read, and a specialist in leadership. Above all, Jeff is the finest person you can find. He gives everything he does his all.”
- Esther Powers, Atlanta, GA

"Jeff can help anyone with posture and fitness, even if you are not into exercise."
- Steve Rothschild, Atlanta, GA

“Jeff has a most pleasant motivating manner as a personal trainer. He is sensitive to where the client is at and balances encouragement with challenge to help one realize one's potential. I have enjoyed working with him. He is knowledgeable and is well able to alter the exercise routine so that one does not get bored. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”
- Diane Saulson, Atlanta, GA
 "Jeff has been working with me as my personal trainer for almost a year. We work on core, balance, strengthening, endurance, stretching and flexibility exercises. I have learned to use proper form and safely do the program he suggested. We have used treadmill, exercise tubes, free weights, Nautilus machines, balance balls, TRX, ankle straps, and other exercise equipment. We review my home routine which I do between my sessions with Jeff. I look forward to each of our sessions and he keeps me focused toward my goal of keeping fit."
- Dr. Ron Scheinzeit, MD, Marietta, GA

"Good speaker, detailed, totally understandable, great!!"
- Judi Schnitzer, Sandy Springs, GA

“Jeff has helped me eliminate back pain and groin tightness, which had me limping. He tailored a stretching-and-core-strength program to meet my conditioning needs, and I have never felt better. I highly recommend his services.”
- Stan Schnitzer, Sandy Springs, GA

“Jeff, I’m sure that you will be pleased to know that I’m still following the routine that you so expertly developed for me. My posture has improved immensely as has my muscle tone and overall feeling of well-being. Over the years I’ve “indulged” in all kinds of physical therapy sessions in an effort to ease my back pain and otherwise improve my stature. None have ever proved successful and in fact invariably resulted in exacerbating the pains presumably emanating from my long-standing back problems.  You were meticulous in making sure that I eased into the appropriate exercises and stretches with the happy result that I never had any discomfort…during or since. Thanks for sharing your expertise and for caring!”
- Roy Schwartz, Dunwoody, GA

 "Jeff has a wealth of knowledge of nutrition and mechanics of the body - I learned a lot from him."
- Jeff Sheiner, Dunwoody, GA

“I originally hired Jeff just for a month, thinking that I'd give personal training a try but give up on it as I had in the past. Four months later, I'm still hooked! I never knew I had the balance or strength that I do until Jeff carefully pushed me to be my best and my most fit. I have developed muscles in places I never had muscle before and I went from doing a few modified push-ups to 20+ real push-ups . . . those are results, and Jeff is the reason! I also highly appreciate Jeff's scientific and medical explanations for how my body works its way through our exercises. Jeff is a great leader through our workouts and--maybe more importantly--a great cheerleader!”
- Jennifer Simmons, Atlanta, GA

"Jeff stayed focused, and kept me focused, on my original goals: to be able to run again after a layoff of 15 years due to an IT band problem; improvement of my shoulder function that has been limited by rotator cuff tears; and increased flexibility. I am now able to run short distances without pain and am very gradually increasing my running with an ultimate goal of being able to run 2 miles without stopping or walking. My shoulders are much better—pain only when I overdo lifting and increased range of motion. Muscle flexibility is greatly improved. All in all, it has been a very successful engagement with Jeff and worth every penny."
- Dr. Joseph Simone, MD, Dunwoody, GA 

“I recently attended a talk given by Jeff on Nutrition which was part of a "What the Health" speaker series at the JCC. Jeff is a stellar speaker; he presented the material for the class with great enthusiasm and in an approachable and easy to understand manner. Demonstrating his extensive knowledge and interest in all areas of nutrition, Jeff distinguished between nutrition facts and fiction and shared useful tips to promote better choices on the road to improving health. He also suggested books and documentaries related to nutrition and shared why he, himself, became interested in the topic. Jeff often paused to ask if anyone had any questions and took the time to thoroughly respond to each query. I am very impressed with Jeff’s speaking skills and knowledge, his commitment to teaching and his genuine desire to enhance the lives of all who are determined to learn more about nutrition and health. I have since attended another talk he gave in the community about Plant-Based Nutrition and food choices and am excited about the impact this information will have on my own health and that of my family. Jeff’s passion about nutrition is infectious and motivational and I am delighted that I was able to attend his talks! Bravo, Jeff!”
- Cheryl Simonoff, Sandy Springs, GA

"Jeff is a dynamic and engaging speaker, an excellent personal trainer, and a supportive plant-based nutrition adviser. His recent talk regarding nutrition and health, the benefits of a plant-based approach, and the concerns regarding meat, dairy and fat consumption was quite informative and highly compelling. Jeff answers questions with understanding and experience. I have worked with Jeff for the past two years and he has made a profound impact on me. Jeff has helped me change my dietary habits, improve my fitness level, and adopt a much healthier lifestyle which is both enjoyable and sustainable. I highly recommend Jeff as a speaker, as a personal trainer and fitness coach, and as a nutritional consultant. I look forward to hearing him speak again!"
- Paul Simonoff, MD, FACC, Sandy Springs, GA

"I believe that people can make a significant difference; in the case of Jeff, you just have to work with him to understand what a significant difference he can make to his clients. We all know that eating, sleeping and working out can play a major role in our health; Jeff transfers his "holistic" beliefs to his clients in a subliminal way. Maybe just a little nudge here or there; then you start making changes without conscious effort. He puts you on auto-control. You start each step - he says when to stop. Easy, simple. You feel better; look better; are better!! Thanks Jeff for your assistance and help."
- Erwin Skibell, Atlanta, GA

“Jeff is one of my heroes - a person that works hard to make sure things work well. In Jeff’s case, he works hard to make sure you are fit and well. He is a consummate professional. Jeff is devoted to providing the very best personal training experience possible for each and every person with whom he works. Each workout is “bespoke”….not only tailored to you but also to how you are in the moment. He truly observes and listens to you and makes adjustments - no workout with Jeff is routine. Some elements of his training routine are constant - he stresses proper alignment, appropriate range of motion for each exercise, and the right weight - all to keep the workout safe and beneficial. Unlike with some less seasoned trainers, you are in good hands and won’t be injured if you follow Jeff’s instructions. One of the things I like best about Jeff is his ability to always convey feedback in a positive manner. His feedback is precise and positive, always. Jeff’s communication skills are excellent and evident during each workout session. Instructions are clear, concise, and complete and he demonstrates just what each exercise requires. His communication skills are also evident in scheduling your workout. He is available via computer email, text messaging, or cell phone and responds within hours to contingencies. Jeff has been amazingly flexible in juggling the occasional inevitable schedule change. The “complete” personal trainer, Jeff is grounded in physical exercise science, physiology, nutrition, and motivational psychology.  In summary, this reference can’t do Jeff justice; - he is simply outstanding.”
- Barry Smith, Atlanta, GA

"My wife and I have found Jeff to be a truly outstanding gym trainer. He uses only positive reinforcement, has encyclopedic knowledge of all aspects of physical training, and is patient, friendly and very thorough. We have had a number of trainers over the years, and Jeff is far superior to all the others."
- Myles Smith, Atlanta, GA 

"Jeff listens to his clients and designs exercises and routines that are specific to his clients. Jeff is working with me and my wife. His exercises and stretches not only work very well - relief came fast - my wife and I felt less tension and greater flexibility in our lower backs after the first week. We listen to Jeff's suggestions because they work!"
- Henry Spil, Atlanta, GA

“Jeff is a consummate professional in his field. He is organized, knowledgeable and a great trainer. He is concerned about the entire health of his clients and focuses on correct posture and placement in each exercise. I enjoy working with him and would highly recommend him to anyone!”
- Heather Statham, Atlanta, GA
“Jeff gave an excellent presentation on fitness and nutrition at a recent Edgewise meeting. He was well prepared, professional, and created enough interest that a lengthy discussion followed. I would highly recommend Jeff for any program.”
- Sidney Stein, Duluth, GA – Chairman of Edgewise Speaker Series

“Jeff is a personable individual who is very comfortable to work with. He is a good listener and adapts his coaching approach based on client needs and preferences. He demonstrates a high level of technical expertise which he incorporates into his training sessions. I recommend Jeff without any reservation.”
- Laura Strange, Dunwoody, GA

"My fitness goals are to build muscle/core strength and flexibility to be injury free from long times at the desk and from recreational sports. I am so glad to have Jeff as my trainer. He is a down-to-earth and absolutely delightful person to work with. What I especially appreciate about Jeff is his knowledge of the "whys" behind work-outs, not just the "whats", as well as his focus on proper posture at all times. It is refreshing to have Jeff explain his choice of a specific schedule of exercises for me and how an exercise involves specific muscles. He has been very understanding of my scheduling constraints despite his own busy schedule. I look forward to continuing working with Jeff."
- Ravi Subramanian, Atlanta, GA 

“I’ve been training with Jeff and Posture Plus Fitness for over two years. Posture Plus has certainly helped my posture and strength, but Jeff and his business provide so much more added value. Jeff is one of those rare people who become an almost instant friend. He has good rapport with his clients, he is extremely knowledgeable, he is responsible and reliable, and he is committed to helping others live healthy lives through proper exercise and nutrition. Jeff brings his wealth of fitness expertise to every session and his passion for his clients’ wellbeing is forever present. Because Jeff connects exercise and nutrition, I come away from our sessions with a sense of mind and body wellbeing. Jeff is a lifelong learner, always educating himself and sharing valuable information with me. I followed a mostly vegetarian diet for several years before meeting Jeff. Jeff’s nutritional guidance promotes using the right foods to fuel the body. I’ve learned that a whole food, plant-based regimen is the way to go, and my improved cholesterol levels prove it. I am so thankful that I met Jeff. Jeff is a dedicated professional that anyone seeking to improve their fitness level would benefit to employ. Without reservation, I give Jeff my highest recommendation.”
- John Swann, Smyrna, GA

"Jeff is an exceptional personal trainer who has helped me to achieve fitness results far beyond my expectations. He thoroughly prepared a targeted fitness routine prior to each of my training sessions, demonstrated every exercise in order to emphasize correct form, and explained the rationale and goal for each one. He tracked my progress over the months of our workouts in order to motivate me with concrete evidence of improvement. After working with Jeff, I now have a much firmer core, improved flexibility, and exceptionally strong leg and arm muscles. Most importantly, he has helped me to achieve a seemingly impossible result - I no longer can envision my life without regular vigorous exercise! I heartily recommend Jeff as the consummate professional personal trainer."
- Kathryn Townsend, Dunwoody, GA 

“I have been training with Jeff for a year.  I have neck, back and shoulder issues, and made Jeff aware of that before we started.  He put together a program that worked around my issues.  I have noticed big improvements in my strength during the year, and none of it caused my issues to get worse.  I am also a runner and have noticed my running has improved as well.  I recently ran my fastest half marathon and had the least amount of soreness afterwards.”
- Emily Wasileski, Dunwoody, GA
“Jeff has been my personal trainer since February 2011.  He is very caring and tuned into my issues and works me accordingly.  He pushes me to do machines and weight training that I never thought I could ever do like lifting 10 pound weights on and off the BOSU while encouraging me every step of the way.  This is huge for me.  The BOSU has always been off limits for me but with Jeff’s help, I have conquered it.  Jeff is always focused on his clients and is ready to answer any question you may have.  Three years ago, I had a bone density test and I was borderline normal.  After my almost two years of strength training, I am now in the normal range.  That is a huge accomplishment for me and I owe it all to Jeff.  Since I started training with him, I am more conscientious of my posture, my breathing and my overall health.  In closing, I feel that the day I had my orientation with Jeff and decided to start training with him, was the best decision I ever made.”
- Miriam Wasileski, Dunwoody, GA

"You can tell Jeff is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic on applying his craft."
- Dan Weinberg, Roswell, GA

"Very helpful and worthwhile - thank you!"
- Karen Weinberg, Roswell, GA

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